Do You Need a New Smile? Your Guide to a Smile Makeover

Do You Need a New Smile? Your Guide to a Smile Makeover

February 1, 2023

Does your smile make you unhappy or leave you feeling isolated? Nearly 1/3 of Canadians also desire better smiles than they have. While you might not like how your smile currently appears, there is no reason for you to think it must remain as it is. Cosmetic dentistry procedures can help you make your teeth whiter, straighter or less chipped with various strategies to help you create the smile you desire.

If we have made you curious, we suggest you learn everything you want about finding the perfect-looking smile makeover.

Cosmetic Dentistry Defined

Cosmetic dentistry in Sault Marie, ON, concentrates on improving the aesthetic appearance of your teeth. Cosmetic dentists receive special training to address many familiar dental issues, including broken or chipped teeth, worn enamel, crowded teeth, gapped teeth, discoloration and stains and uneven teeth.

Aesthetic dentistry therapies are considered elective. However, they don’t merely improve your aesthetic appearance because many procedures help restore benefits to enhance your quality of life.

Some Types of Cosmetic Dental Procedures

  • Teeth Straightening: if you have mild to moderate orthodontic imperfections with your teeth, making them appear crooked, crowded, or gapped, you don’t have to live with the problem forever. Instead, if you consult the cosmetic dentistry practice discussed above, you can have your teeth straightened by receiving personalized orthodontics near you without using the conventional braces on your teeth. Instead, you receive virtually invisible aligners on them for straightening and giving you the smile makeover you desire.
  • Composite Bonding: If you have decayed, discoloured, and teeth with minor damages, the cosmetic dentist can repair them using a conservative technique called composite bonding to enhance the appearance of your teeth. When performing this procedure, the dentist will remove the decay from your tooth and apply a tooth-coloured composite resin to the surface before sculpting the material to match the shape of your remaining teeth. They also cure the bonding material with ultraviolet light giving you an affordable option to improve the aesthetics of your teeth.
  • Teeth Whitening: a popular option offered by cosmetic dentists to improve the appearance of your teeth is teeth whitening. Professional in-office teeth whitening makes significant differences in your smile, even if it is the only treatment you need. Teeth whitening is safe and effective and is completed by the dentist in approximately 90 minutes after giving you a teeth cleaning and whitening them after the initial treatment. However, teeth whitening is not a permanent therapy, especially if you have staining foods and beverages. However, the treatment from a professional dental whitening your teeth lasts longer than DIY remedies ensuring you will save money even if you need a touch-up treatment.
  • Dental Implants: Cosmetic dentists can replace missing teeth in your mouth with dental implants, considered the gold standard for missing tooth replacements. The procedure is intensive and requires the dentist to embed a titanium post into your jawbone and allow it to integrate with your body, a process needing three to six months. The titanium post will hold your artificial tooth customized from dental grade porcelain realistic and remain a permanent solution for the missing tooth. Dental implants are not vulnerable to infections like tooth decay but require excellent dental hygiene to prevent conditions like gum disease following implant placement.
  • Dental Veneers: If having chipped or broken teeth, discoloured teeth, or teeth with gaps between them, you can consider dental veneers to improve their appearance and your smile in a couple of visits to the dentist’s office if considering a smile makeover near me. Dental veneers change the appearance of your teeth like none other and remain on your teeth for over 15 years with proper dental hygiene. Getting dental veneers requires a couple of visits to the cosmetic dentist’s office because the porcelain shells are custom created for your teeth after reshaping them. Therefore if you desire a long-standing smile makeover, you help yourself by considering dental veneers as an ideal treatment.

Selecting a Suitable Cosmetic Dentist for Your Needs

Cosmetic dentistry helps improve your smile in many ways. However, to achieve excellent results and feel confident with your smile, you must indulge in some research to ensure you are working with a qualified cosmetic dentist. It helps if you look for a dentist offering wax models or appropriate digital imaging to allow you to view how your smile appears after receiving intensive treatments. If the cosmetic dentist is offering you a smile overhaul, you must ensure you are working with an experienced professional in cosmetic dentistry who is not afraid to answer any questions you have.

If the guide about cosmetic dentistry convinces you, get in touch with Great North Dental today to start planning your smile makeover and receive the treatments you need from the facility to enhance your smile.