General Dentistry Procedures: What to Expect?

General Dentistry Procedures: What to Expect?

January 2, 2023

Which dentist would you consider visiting if you developed a mysterious dental issue without offering any reasons? As you cannot determine the precise reasons for the problem, you must search for a specialist to deal with the problem affecting your mouth. You might not consider visiting the general dentist near me thinking they might need more information about all dental procedures. What makes you believe general dentists are inferior to a minor percentage of dental specialists that rarely offer all treatments on demand? If you have a similar belief, we suggest you read this article to realize what you can expect from General dentistry procedures.


Would you know that merely three percent of all dentists qualify as specialists, with the rest working as general dentists? The term ‘specialist’ doesn’t include all procedures or dentistry but concentrates on specialties like periodontology, orthodontics, pedodontics, endodontics, et cetera. These specialists do not offer all dental procedures but focus on the specialty education they received after dental school. They will likely redirect you to a general dentist nearby to evaluate the mysterious condition in your mouth and receive a referral to them if you need specific treatment.


What Differentiates General Dentists and Specialists?


All dentists, whether general or specialists, complete four years in dental school before three percent decide to obtain further education to specialize in one of the fields described above. General dentists begin practicing after completing dental school but receive ongoing education by participating in various webinars to learn about different therapies involved in general dentist procedures. Therefore if you have an unknown condition in your mouth and think you might benefit from visiting specialists, you are sadly mistaken because the general dentist near you is your go-to professional for an initial evaluation.


What Therapies Can You Expect from General Dentists?


Whether you have a problem in your mouth or a family member needs dental care, general dentistry near me should be your first point of call. General dentists are your primary dental care providers and can manage overall dental care whenever you call them with any family member, regardless of age.


If you are unaware of the problem affecting you, the general dentist can examine your mouth by x-raying it to identify the precise location of the problem and offer a remedy for the issue immediately. The situation in your mouth could be as minor as a micro-cavity causing sensitivity in your tooth or an issue with your gums that you didn’t think was present in your mouth.


General dentists are not inferior professionals but are providers of all procedures, including visual exams of your teeth, gum health, x-rays, and minor dental procedures such as cavity removal, dental exam & cleaning, dental crowns, and root canals if required. In addition, the ongoing education of general dentists permits them to offer maxillofacial and laser procedures because they invest in their practice to provide excellent treatment to patients.


What Procedures Can You Expect from General Dentistry?


As mentioned earlier, general dentistry in Sault Ste, Marie, ON, can manage any dental procedure you, your spouse, kids, or senior family members require. Besides regular exams and cleanings, children also receive education on caring for their mouth and teeth by avoiding sugary and starchy foods and helping prevent dental infections by receiving dental sealants and fluoride treatments to strengthen tooth enamel.


If your spouse needs smile enhancements from cosmetic dentistry, general dentists will not disappoint you because they can provide any therapies to enhance smiles, such as teeth whitening, dental bonding, veneers, teeth contouring, et cetera, ensuring that you don’t have to visit another cosmetic dentist for the purpose.


If an elderly family member needs periodontal therapy or dentures to replace missing teeth, the general dentist can satisfy their requirements by providing appropriate remedies to help them regain the functionality of their mouth and help prevent further tooth loss from periodontal disease.


In short general dentists can manage all dental conditions, including those handled by specialists. In addition, if you confront a dental emergency needing treatment beyond office hours, the general dentist is a professional you can call for help without hesitation.


When encountering dental issues yourself or with any family member, you can confidently contact general dentistry, knowing fully that you will not be disappointed and will receive the treatment needed without delay.


Great North Dental provides treatments for any dental issue for patients of all ages. Therefore whenever confronted by any dental problem, kindly consult with our dentist at Great North Dental without thinking about whether or not the general dentists will deal with the crisis affecting you but receive the treatments you need promptly.