How to Determine Whether Your Broken Tooth Requires Emergency Dental Treatment

How to Determine Whether Your Broken Tooth Requires Emergency Dental Treatment

March 1, 2022

Have you been wondering why you have that sinking feeling once you bite into a soft piece of pie? Your tooth is likely to have a chip or is broken. The emergency dentist near you can examine your tooth and determine the ideal repair procedure. A broken tooth might not be painful and may not require emergency treatment, but it’s helpful to seek treatment early in preventing further damage. If you have a tiny chip, your specialist dentist in Sault Ste. Marie, ON, will smooth it out and restore your tooth with a composite filling. However, if your dental structure is destroyed and you are uncertain of the underlying damage, it’s needful to seek immediate dental care.

Can You Save Your Broken Tooth?

Multiple reasons can lead to teeth damage. Exposure to traumatic injuries, decay that weakens your tooth enamel, and biting on a hard piece of food can break your tooth. Fractures, chips, or cracks may form, causing damage to your tooth layers near your gum line. Fractures may be invisible but can cause severe damage if they become deep penetrating the pulp cavity. Your emergency dentist can address your condition based on the severity of your tooth damage. Dental fillings or dental bonding procedures can fix cracks and chips on your broken tooth.

If you have severe fractures or cracks extending to your gum line, you’ll require emergency treatment procedures, including dental crowns and root canal placement. The spread of infection in your broken tooth on the adjacent tissues, including jawbone or gum tissue, can be severe. Severe infection and beyond repair may compel your emergency practitioner to perform a tooth extraction procedure. Your emergency dentist will provide you with personalized treatment and ensure your dental functionalities are restored.

Determining Whether Emergency Dental Treatment is Ideal for You

At Great North Dental, we assess your broken tooth and determine whether you’ll require emergency dental procedures. Excessive bleeding, severely broken tooth, and severe pain are some of the compelling reasons we recommend you to undergo emergency dental treatment. It’s significant to undergo repair for your broken tooth to minimize the risk of undergoing extensive procedures later.

Having broken teeth is prevalent if you engage in rigorous sports or accidentally face traumatic injury. Severe fractures, chips, or cracks can deepen and cause damage to your pulp, and it’s ideal to seek early treatment in the emergency room near you. A severe tooth breakage causes severe pain, excessive bleeding, or tooth loss. It’s vital to seek immediate treatment to save your tooth from loss, alleviate pain and minimize bleeding. It’s helpful to make an appointment with your emergency dentist if you have a chipped, broken, or fractured tooth to safeguard your tooth.

When to See Your Emergency Dentist

Swift action is needed if you are faced with a traumatic injury that leads to severe pain or excessive bleeding of your oral tissues. Having a large crack or chip on your tooth near the gum line may lead to swelling, bleeding, or severe pain. Immediate dental attention is needed to prevent further complications. Your broken tooth may pose the risk of permanent damage to your pulp cavity, which nourishes your tooth. The pulp cavity holds your tooth nerves and blood vessels, and once it’s damaged, you’re likely to suffer from life-threatening oral complications. It’s crucial to call your emergency dentist for immediate treatment to preserve your tooth nourishment.

Having jagged or sharp chips on your tooth cause irritation on your tongue, and it’s helpful to seek emergency dental treatment. Our emergency dentist in Sault Ste Marie, ON, may recommend you make an appointment with us if you have small chips or cracks on your tooth. The presence of chips or a broken tooth can leave your inner tooth layers susceptible to infection, decay, or further damage.

The severity of your broken tooth determines whether you’ll need to undergo immediate dental treatment or not. If you have minor chips on your tooth, your specialist may schedule a later appointment. However, you’ll require emergency dental treatment if your tooth is severely damaged to prevent severe pain. Our emergency practitioners recommend you seek immediate treatment when faced with mouth trauma to avoid oral infection or tooth loss.