Invisalign Chewies Explained to Help Invisalign Treatment to Straighten Teeth

Invisalign Chewies Explained to Help Invisalign Treatment to Straighten Teeth

December 1, 2022

Invisalign, an alternative to conventional orthodontic braces with clear aligners, helps straighten teeth and misaligned bites. This therapy gained popularity after its introduction in the late 90s as a treatment to correct mild to moderate orthodontic imperfections in the mouth without the bulky brackets and wires mounted over the teeth.

The process to get Invisalign aligners requires an assessment by the Invisalign provider taking digital scans and impressions of your teeth for the manufacturers to create a series of clear aligners for you to start your treatment by wearing them for about two weeks for your teeth removing them to eat, drink, and clean your teeth.

If you wonder how the plastic aligners help straighten teeth and fit snugly over your teeth, the manufacturers have devised a strategy to move your teeth into their correct positions and keep them there to help you achieve a beautiful smile. However, how do the aligners fit over your teeth without help?

Let us explain how you can make the aligners fit snugly over your teeth using Invisalign chewies.

What Precisely Exactly Are Invisalign Chewies And Why To Use Them?

When you start treatment with the clear aligners, receive the braces from Invisalign® in Sault STE. Marie, ON, you prepare to wear the braces happily because they are virtually invisible. The manufacturers fabricate your aligners to apply gentle pressure to your teeth to move them incrementally to their new positions. However, to achieve the goal, Invisalign aligners must fit over your teeth and remain in place without moving around.

Every aligner you receive is tighter than the earlier one and differs in size. The differences make it difficult for the aligner to fit over your teeth properly. To overcome this challenge, Invisalign provides Invisalign chewies to help position the braces. Invisalign chewies are soft cylinders of plastic the size of a cotton roll you use to bite on after putting your aligner over your teeth.

The aligner chewies help position the braces over your teeth after you bite on them for several minutes. Your biting action helps the braces conform to your teeth’ shape.

Do Invisalign Chewies Speed Your Treatment?

If you hear Invisalign aligner chewies can help fasten your treatment, the information is partially genuine. However, a proper aligner fit is essential if you wish to achieve your goals with Invisalign near you. Invisalign chewies help improve the fit of the aligner, ensuring that using them enables you to achieve your goal faster. The objective behind using Invisalign chewies is straightforward. Aligners fitting incorrectly slow your treatment, and chewies help position the braces with repeated biting actions to reverse the slowing.

Side Effects of Invisalign Chewies

When you start treatment with Invisalign wearing the aligners as suggested by the provider, you begin experiencing pain and discomfort when you start or change the aligners every two weeks. Invisalign chewies also contribute the pain and discomfort because they require biting actions to position the aligner or your teeth. Besides pain in the teeth, you might also experience jaw discomfort and soreness when using chewies. Fortunately, the pain is manageable, and the provider recommends using over-the-counter painkillers to overcome the discomfort.

Using Invisalign Chewies

Using Invisalign chewies is not challenging, but you must remember to use them every time you change aligners, remove an existing aligner on your teeth for eating and cleaning your teeth or observe an area in your mouth where the aligner fits incorrectly.

You must use the chewies as advised by their provider by positioning your aligners in your mouth and trying to fit it snugly as possible before putting a chewie between your upper and lower jaw and biting on them repeatedly for several seconds. You can move the chewie to another part of your mouth to continue the process until you feel the aligners are correctly positioned. You must use the chewie for approximately five minutes at a time twice a day. The provider gives you specific instructions on using Invisalign chewies to deliver the best results by positioning the aligners on your teeth to straighten them faster.


Invisalign chewies are tiny plastic cylinders designed with Invisalign’s aligners that help straighten teeth with virtually invisible braces and give you a beautiful smile. The Invisalign provider suggests using Invisalign chewies for five minutes several times during the day. You receive your first batch of chewies with the supply of aligners to start your treatment.

You might experience temporary discomfort and pain when using Invisalign chewies. However, the discomfort is comfortably managed using over-the-counter painkillers or contacting the provider if the pain doesn’t subside.

Great North Dental provides Invisalign with instructions for patients on using the aligners as directed by them. You also receive Invisalign chewies which the provider states will help speed up your treatment. Our dentist near you helps straighten your teeth using Invisalign aligners and chewies if you have crooked and misaligned teeth.