My Kid Chipped a Tooth. What Should I Do?

My Kid Chipped a Tooth. What Should I Do?

November 3, 2022

Does it delight you to see the smile on your child’s face? If you do your confidence, you will not express delight when your child injures a tooth and will start worrying that it will impact their smile permanently.

Thankfully children have primary teeth that will likely fall out by six or seven to allow the eruption of permanent teeth. However, it doesn’t indicate that you can ignore your child’s chipped tooth or neglect visiting the best kid’s dentist near you to evaluate the child’s tooth to ensure they haven’t sustained severe damage that can cause complications later.

Why Is Chipping of Teeth Common in Children?

Your child doesn’t sit like a monk at home or in school. They are constantly playing, jumping, and their body in every direction. The constant movement makes them susceptible to slips and falls. In addition, children’s teeth are fragile and tiny. If your child lands on the face, they might easily chip their tooth. Pediatric dental experts estimate approximately 50 percent of children have tooth injuries at some time. Does that mean you are a bad parent because your child chipped a tooth? It helps if you realize children falling and chipping teeth is relatively common, and you might not express surprise if your friends report similar occurrences.

How to React and When You Get Help from Dentists in Such Situations?

If you notice your child has chipped a tooth, there is no reason for you to alarm yourself. On the contrary, you must remain calm and let your child relax. Try to determine whether your child is confronting challenges swallowing or breathing because these are indicators that they might have swallowed fragments of a tooth causing the problems.

If you observe the symptoms mentioned above, do not waste time but head to pediatric dentistry in Sault Ste. Marie, ON, to determine how best you can treat the child’s tooth. For example, if you find fragments of the tooth on the floor, you can take the pieces with you to the dentist to let them decide how to fix the chipped tooth. Unfortunately, you can’t; the dentist has remedies to improve your child’s tooth to ensure their smile is not impacted.

Are Dental Visits Essential for Children’s Chipped Teeth?

Sensitive and painful chipped teeth need urgent dental treatments even if your child appears fine and has lost a tiny tooth fragment. It is an excellent idea to evaluate the situation by a pediatric dentist sooner than later, especially if the tooth is painful. A small chip can also create significant problems later.

Children’s teeth are not unlike adult’s and have an outer enamel layer, a layer of dentin beneath, and the dental pulp at the center of the tooth. Damage to the enamel is comfortably treated by pediatric dentists providing tooth-colored dental fillings to seal the crack. However, if your child has sustained damage to the dentin or the dental pulp, it can result in a dental abscess. Therefore it would help if you scheduled dental visits for children’s chipped teeth without ignoring the issue. You must ensure that you visit the CHILDREN’S DENTIST IN SAULT STE. MARIE, ON, and not your regular dentist because children’s dentists receive special training to manage children from infancy until adolescence and even treat children with special needs. You might think your regular dental care provider also treats patients of all ages. However, they do not receive additional training like children’s dentists to manage all issues affecting children, including chipped and broken teeth, cavities, or prematurely falling teeth. Therefore you must decide to contact the Sault Ste. Marie dentist for the remedy your child needs for optimal results.

How do Children’s Dentists Treat Chipped Teeth in Them?

Children’s dentists will assess the child’s tooth and determine the optimal course of action. The dentist will confirm whether the damage is minor and needs no treatment because it is due to fallout with the other primary teeth. However, if the tooth is at risk of infections, the dentist recommends a treatment option to fill the chip with a tooth-colored filling similar to a cavity. They might recommend dental crowns to restore the tooth if it has sustained significant damage. Extensive chips and breaks might require extraction and replacement with a space maintainer to ensure the permanent teeth don’t erupt improperly or cause crowding.

Children will face challenges with chipped and broken teeth because they are always on the move. However, chipped teeth in children are not a cause for concern unless they have sustained significant damage. Therefore if your kid has chipped a tooth, the dentists near you at Great North Dental can fix the tooth after evaluating the damage and your child’s discomfort.