Dental Bonding

Naturally, tooth enamel is strong. We use most of our teeth to tear and grind down food. While Dr. Ruchi Sheth doesn’t encourage such bad habits, many people use their teeth as tools to rip tape or open bottles. Your smile is so durable that the outer enamel is one of the durable parts of the body.

However, it is still more straightforward than you might think to chip or crack a tooth. You don’t have to endure a punch in the mouth or a whack with a flying ball. Dental injury can occur on an ice cube, water fountain, glass bottle, or during childbirth. If you have cavity-prone teeth or struggle with bruxism, it is even easier for you. Your teeth are more vulnerable.

But if you experience minor dental trauma, there are ways to repair the damage. Teeth bonding near you is a fast and affordable way to restore your smile. Get in touch with the dentists near you at Great North Dental today to book a consultation. Let us help you determine if bonding is the right move for your case.

What Is Dental Bonding Near Me?

Dental Bonding is an esthetic procedure that fixes cracked, chipped, or otherwise damaged teeth. But that is not all! Also, dental bonding closes gaps, conceals discolored enamel, and adds length to short or misshapen teeth.

This type of tooth-colored restoration is a malleable composite resin material. It fills in where your enamel is lacking and makes the tooth look as good as new. Unlike a tooth crown, bonding is created to match your surrounding teeth perfectly. Therefore, your smile is very natural-looking. Contact our dentist in Sault Ste. Marie, ON now to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

Bonding for Minor Tooth Repair

While many people fail to repair their smile flaws because imperfections may appear insignificant, restoring damaged teeth is not just about aesthetic appeal. It is vital to your mouth health. A properly aligned smile allows you to chew and speak properly and smile freely. By repairing minor damage, you will also prevent further damage that can spread to surrounding teeth.

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