Crooked teeth are usually an inherited trait. So if your parents have severe bite problems, you’re likely to encounter similar bite problems. The good news is that even the most significant bite issues can be corrected via orthodontics in Sault Ste. Marie, ON.

Orthodontics focuses on diagnosing and treating jaw and bite irregularities. Receiving orthodontic treatment in a timely fashion lowers your risk of developing the long-term challenges associated with misaligned teeth. These include low self-confidence, tooth grinding, jaw pain, and temporomandibular disorders.

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Common Bite Problems

Your bite refers to how your upper and lower teeth fit together. If you have a healthy or normal bite, your upper teeth should rest over the corresponding lower teeth. For example, your upper molars should gently rest over the overlays and ridges of your lower molars.

Some of the common bite problems that we treat at Great North Dental include:

Open Bite

A patient is said to have an open bite if your upper and lower front teeth slant outward and don’t touch when their mouth is closed. Tongue thrusting and thumb sucking can contribute to the formation of an open bite.


In a healthy bite, the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth. A crossbite occurs if the upper teeth fit within the lower teeth. This malocclusion causes the upper teeth to bite into the inside of the lower teeth.


If the lower teeth extend beyond the front upper teeth, one is said to have an underbite. An underbite tends to create a bulldog-like appearance. An underbite may be caused by an overgrowth of the lower jaw or underdevelopment of the upper jaw. In some cases, both issues are present.


An overbite occurs if the upper teeth protrude beyond the lower teeth. An overbite tends to get confused with an overjet. In an overjet, the upper teeth protrude past the lower teeth at an angle. In an overbite, there isn’t an angle, and the teeth protrude downward.

Other forms of bite problems include crowding and gap teeth. In crowding, the mouth lacks sufficient room for all teeth, which may cause some teeth to grow over each other. Gap teeth have noticeable spaces between them.

Great North Dental offers personalized orthodontics near you

Dr. Ruchi Sheth begins by evaluating you to determine the type and severity of the malocclusion. Then, using dental imaging technology, our dentist obtains crucial insights into your dental health and uses these to develop a personalized treatment plan.

Depending on your needs, the following orthodontic services may be prescribed:

1.     Early Phase or Interceptive Orthodontics. This form of orthodontics is prescribed for young children. Interceptive orthodontics aims to guide growing teeth into correct alignment.

2.     Traditional Braces. Metal braces have been in use for centuries. They consist of wires and brackets that gently move teeth to their preferred positions over several months.

3.     Clear Braces. If you want straighter teeth but cannot stand the thought of metal braces, you may be a candidate for clear braces. These are virtually invisible as they’re made from a transparent ceramic material that blends in with your smile.

4.     Clear Removable Aligners. Clear removable aligners, such as Invisalign®, allow you to undergo orthodontic treatment without making significant changes to your everyday life.

Are you ready for a straighter smile? Then, call Great North Dental to experience advanced orthodontics near you.

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